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Everyone desires of having a home and to live an independent happy life. But in this modern era its being quite difficult especially for the blue collar people due to heavy rents and costs whether you go for renting or you go for owning a house. People wait for some miracle to happen and they find budget friendly houses. Presenting you the Rent 2 Own Homes where you can find any sort of mobile homes and single family homes at friendly cost.

You must be wondering what’s this concept rent 2 own homes. Rent 2 own is not a new concept at all. It had been practiced in the past days but in the recent times it has almost faded. You wonder why? Because its human nature that we work for the things that can give maximum profit to our own self. Well this concept is back in the market and is being practiced by some of real estate agencies. Rent 2 own is a general term used by customers but if you are going to a real estate agent use the term Lease Option.

If we talk about the team of Rent 2 own homes BAMA specifically, Rent 2 Own Homes BAMA is a platform that is making living easier all across the Alabama. It’s quite different from ordinary real estate agencies and websites as it is working mainly for the customer’s interest and all the houses are owned by us and also we arrange loans for you to own a house i.e. the concept of rent to own homes. The team of Rent 2 own homes BAMA includes well trained and highly devoted real estate professionals who are aimed at providing their best buying and selling services to their clients. Buying the house with Lease Option has certain steps that are also followed when you are buying house through Rent 2 own homes BAMA. These steps are:

  1. First one is the agreement of both the parties on some purchase price. Both buyer and seller comes to same ground about the purchase price and other dealings.
  2. Second process is the payment of option fee. Once this fee is paid this prevents the seller to sell this property to any other buyer. This fee is negotiable and depends on how much fee the seller party want you to give.
  3. Third step is that the buyer can now occupy the house. But for this the buyer will have to pay certain amount of rent that is pre decided.
  4. Fourth step is of build credit towards purchase in which half of the rent price is included in the purchase price of the house. This process lasts for a limited time period i.e. one to three years. After this time period buyer pays the remaining purchase price and completely own the house.

The next question arises how Rent 2 own homes BAMA works? The process of owning a house is quite simple and consists of four basic steps.

The first one being registering yourself to Rent 2 own homes BAMA. Registration involves basic things like name, email, phone number, down payment and monthly payment estimate etc. Once you have done this you can find more about the Rent 2 own homes BAMA.

The second step involves looking for the inventory available. You can search the mobile homes and single family homes available at our site and look for your desired one. When you have selected the house you want to own and you want to know more about it we can do a favour here. You tell us which house you like we will arrange an appointment for you where you can go and check the house personally for your own satisfaction about the house and its location.

Then in the third step a phone call is scheduled with our underwriters and loan specialists. This is done when you have finalized the property and you have complete satisfaction that you are ready to buy this property. In this process your whole case is kept in the view and then your loan is finalized.

Then comes the last step of the process which involves the client visit to or where you are made to complete a premium application. This is done when we qualify you with one of our properties. Before completing the application consult us for better understanding. Once you have completed the application it will show an option of sending this to other party. If you are sure about the application, click yes and the application will be forwarded. When you have sent the application it will ask you for an email address, there you will write and this process will be completed.

The last but not least thing is the paper work. Whether leasing a house or owning it paper work is as important as anything else. Paper work includes three main documentations:

  1. First one is The Rental Agreement which outlines the terms of your tenancy while renting the property.
  2. Second one is An Option Agreement to identify the time period and purchase option fee.
  3. Third one is A Sales Contract to spell out the purchase price and terms of sale

The whole process of buying house through Rent 2 own homes BAMA is shown through this figure:

Well that’s not an end because Rent 2 Own Homes BAMA is not just about buying homes. There is much more. Are you looking for some buyer to sell your house? You are on the right place as we buy houses no matter in which condition it is. You just need to register and nothing more on your side. In case your property is not matching our needs we have other buyers in contact.

So all your worries must now be gone away when you have Rent 2 Own Homes BAMA in your town. Our first priority is our customer so feel free and own your house today.

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